Always Be Closing

Why the Internet is no different from the real world when it comes to closing sales.

I recently read a post at Johnathan Mendez’s Blog about the Top 10 Multivariate and A/B Testing Results of 2007.

In the very last comments of his post, he mentions how your customers probably know a lot more about your product than you, or the marketers, give them credit for.

As far as conversion goes, you don’t need to spend all of your time explaining the fine details of your product. Instead, give a short bulleted list of the reasons your customer must have your product right now.

Just as our friend Zig Ziglar would tell you, the reason most salespeople fail is that they never close. They just continue talking on and on about their product until the customer gets bored and leaves. In sales, your purpose is not to chit chat with people. IT’S TO MAKE SALES!!! Unless you’re closing, you’re not selling!

The point of this tale is that you don’t need to teach the customer everything YOU know about your product. You only need to teach them enough for them to buy.

You’ll have plenty of time for support and training AFTER they buy your product. Don’t waste that energy on window shoppers.

Short, bulleted landing pages = More conversions (sales)

If you don’t believe me, you could always do your own A/B or multivariate test.

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– Jason Green





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