GACP Summit at the GooglePlex

This week, Google held their annual summit for Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP: Previously Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC))

I first attended the GAAC/GACP summit in 2007 as an employee of Lunametrics, and to this day, I consider it one of the best summits I’ve ever attended. On top of all of the sights, such as the free gourmet lunches, arcades, massage chairs, etc…, it was a great opportunity to meet other Google Analytics professionals. Their presentations were very insightful and immediately useful. I even had the honor of talking with the Google Analytics Evangelist, and analytics rockstar, Avinash Kaushik.

The GACP Summit is held every year, usually in September, and you can be sure there will be some great announcements coming from the attendees in the coming months.

If you work for a Google Analytics Certified Partner, you need to beg for them to send you to this summit next year. It is the most useful summit you’ll attend and is worth every penny.

btw…the picture of me on the right is from the GooglePlex in Mountanview, CA. I would have more pics, but I almost got tackled every time I tried to take a picture. Security is pretty tight. 🙂





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