How to Install Windows PowerShell

If you want to know how to install Windows Powershell, this is the article you must read. You can run commands or scripts on your server using this software. Windows Powershell has been added to Windows Server 2003 but it is included in Windows Server 2008 R2 as well. System administrators and IT professionals will be able to automate many tasks using Windows Powershell in their servers. Scripting will be enhanced as well. In Internet there are a lot of places to download this software.

If you are looking for detailed instructions to help you install windows powershell for SQL 2008 R2, check out the page below for all of the downloads and details.

In a Core server PowerShell is really useful. After installing the operating system you need to install PowerShell. This way you will enjoy a powerful programming language when you need to configure some parameters of your operating system. Let me tell you something. If know how to install Windows Powershell and have this computer program in your server, getting rid of a virus is only an annoyance. If you want to protect your server to avoid that virus kick in, then you need to use Windows PowerShell.

In the next lines we are going to talk about how to install Windows Powershell in a short time. You will know all the tips you need to install this useful programming language to take full advantage of all the capabilities of your server.

First, you have to go to the Windows Management Framework Core section in the website of Microsoft. Get a free download of Windows Powershell and choose your operating systems. Second, access the location where you will download the “setup.exe” file and start off downloading. After the installation click Start, All Programs, Accessories and select Windows PowerShell. You need to install this computer program in your server right away. If you want to use PowerShell V2.0 you need to install Windows Server 2002 Service Pack 2 (SP2) as well. In the next lines we will talk about commands used to install it, important considerations to do it and many other things.

The first thing you need to do when you follow the steps above is to get the Windows Management Framework. Now you just have to lunch the program. To do this just click Start-Run and type “powershell”, then press Enter and you are done. When you do this, Windows PowerShell will be added to the programs that your frequently use. If you do not see this program in this section, you can create an icon manually. Please make sure that WMI and remote management are enabled in your server. Then you will need to click Start, then Run and find “services.msc”. The following programs must be set to run automatically: Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) and Windows Management Instrumentation. As you can see, knowing how to install Windows Powershell is very easy.

Now you need to test the program trying a connection to the 2003 machine. You do it when you open PowerShell in a Windows 2003 Server. Then run the command “Enable-psRemonting” and press ENTER. If you are using a Windows 2008 R2 machine, you really need to use this command while you are there. Now we are going to use the following command for our first connection Enter-psSession MachineName and this one to end our remote section Exit-psSession .

You have learned how to install Windows Powershell using the tips we have told you. As you can see, understanding how to install Windows Powershell is not rocket science. All you need to do is to follow the tips above and that is all. You have learned that after downloading the software from the Microsoft website you need to choose the operating system. Please make sure you select the correct operating system because if you do not do it, the software will not run properly.

We told you that you need to use the command section and type the commands we told you above. Please remember that you need to use this file: services.msc. This is an important step as well. We have outlined all the steps you need to know on how to install Windows Powershell but you can also watch a video in Youtube to improve the process. You can also get the help of an IT professional if you go to any programming forum on the Internet.





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