Cryptocurrency Historical Prices

crypto prices on yahoo finance
For anyone trying to analyze the prices of cryptocurrencies or altcoins, it’s been a struggle to find reliable price data. Until now… I recently noticed that yahoo finance now has cryptocurrencies listed with the rest of the stock prices. Just go to and you can quickly check the price of your favorite crypto. If looking for Bitcoin Cash, make sure to include your currency. BCH will show you Banco de Chile prices. BCH-USD is Bitcoin Cash to US Dollars, and BCH-BTC is Bitcoin Cash in Bitcoin. This will bring up a price chart and news stories for your currencies.

To download the historical Bitcoin Cash prices as a CSV file, click the Historical Data tab and click Download Data. I believe the time period defaults to one year, but you can change these settings as you’d like. If data is all you’re looking for, you’re all set.

Bitcoin Cash Historical Prices






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