Patriot Search API on iAbstract

Our company,, now offers a Patriot Search API to automate all of your patriot / OFAC searches.

It takes an average employee 3 to 5 minutes to go to the OFAC website, complete a search, take a screenshot, and upload it to your title system.

With our API, all of that can be done automatically, before you even look at the order.

The integration is very easy to hook up, requiring as few as 10 lines of code in most programming languages.

Built for scalability, able to handle 1,000 requests per second, per customer.

The search will find any company or name against the OFAC SDN list and the non-SDN “conolidated” lists.

Searches are stored with an encrypted key for easy auditing.

We alert you of any new matches for 90 days after your initial search.

Use the website to search, or integrate your system with our RESTful API for automation.

We guarantee to beat any competitor’s price for a patriot search API.

Visit today to learn more about our OFAC Search.






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