December 2017

Cryptocurrency Historical Prices

by Jason Green on December 20, 2017

crypto prices on yahoo finance
For anyone trying to analyze the prices of cryptocurrencies or altcoins, it’s been a struggle to find reliable price data. Until now… I recently noticed that yahoo finance now has cryptocurrencies listed with the rest of the stock prices. Just go to and you can quickly check the price of your favorite crypto. If looking for Bitcoin Cash, make sure to include your currency. BCH will show you Banco de Chile prices. BCH-USD is Bitcoin Cash to US Dollars, and BCH-BTC is Bitcoin Cash in Bitcoin. This will bring up a price chart and news stories for your currencies.

To download the historical Bitcoin Cash prices as a CSV file, click the Historical Data tab and click Download Data. I believe the time period defaults to one year, but you can change these settings as you’d like. If data is all you’re looking for, you’re all set.

Bitcoin Cash Historical Prices

Cloud Mining with HashFlare

by Jason Green on December 18, 2017

I recently started cloud mining with Hashflare to help diversify my crypto investments. I’m working on a post about diversification, but I think it’s important for anyone getting started with cryptocurrencies to spread their money out. With the newfound popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptos, there are lots of scams out there. Everyone is trying to make a buck from our ignorance. Never put all of your money on any one site or into any one cryptocurrency. There are just too many horror stories of exchanges or other crypto services disappearing or outright skipping town with their customers’ money.

Anyway, I’m researching all of the various ways to make money with cryptocurrencies and cloud mining is just one of them. We will certainly investigate the differences, but for now I’m just going to show what I’m doing on Hashflare.

When I first started, I spent $150 for 1 TH (TeraHash) of SHA-256 mining power. (SHA-256 is how you mine Bitcoin and a hash is a measurement of processing power.) This amount will make you about $2 per day. At about $60 per month, you’ll have your money back in less than 3 months. HashFlare recently limited their contracts from “lifetime” to 1 year which really upset their existing customers. They are justifiably upset, but I understand the business decision. The equipment and probably even this entire industry has a finite lifespan. To think you could buy a lifetime contract for this stuff is just a bit naive. So, you make your money back in 3 months and have 9 months of profit. On a $150 investment, you end the year with $730. After accounting for your $150 investment, you profit $580. That might not sound like the 10,000% increase you were thinking, but it’s more than you’ll make in just about any traditional investment.

Once I got the bug, I kept putting more money into the account. (Mostly from prior Bitcoin/crypto profits.) So, now I’m up to 6TH for $900. Sounds like a lot, but I’m currently making $16 per day. Honestly, $16 per day doesn’t sound like much, but that’s $480 per month. In 60 days I will more than have paid for my investment. In the remaining 10 months, I’ll profit about $4,800. At those profit levels, I just can’t make the case to not invest more money here.

Ready to go? Click here to get started on HashFlare.

My actual dashboard is below. The hashrate has updated to 6.09TH based on my latest purchase today, but the revenue estimate hasn’t yet updated.

Hashflare Earnings

My only warning would be that there is almost no transparency on this site. Many people swear by HashFlare and note that they’ve been around for several years. I say…yeah, Bernie Madoff was around for several years as well. As I warned above, never put all of your eggs in one basket. Some of these sites are so sketchy that I would almost assume my money is gone as soon as I invest. The only thing stopping me is the incredible upside. My recommendation is to get in at an amount you’d be comfortable losing and withdraw as soon as your balance meets the minimum requirements.

So, if you like making 3 to 5 times your money in a year, give Hashflare a try. And if you would like to support me and this site, please use the links on this page. If you sign up through them, I’ll get a small referral bonus. Always appreciated.

Sign up for Hashflare here.

Stay tuned for a revisit when we talk about the reinvestment option where you can compound your daily earnings. That’s where this math gets really crazy.

** Update Jan, 3 2018 **
With the price of Bitcoin dropping and the difficulty increasing, my earnings outlook wasn’t looking as good for the next year. However, the market recovered and my earnings are back up to par. Not quite as good as they were but still a respectable return on a sub-$1,000 investment. *Note that prices have gone up from $150/TH to $220/TH. So this would now cost about $1,430. Still profitable though.

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization – Dec 15, 2017

by Jason Green on December 15, 2017

To give an idea of the current cryptocurrency market, take a look at the chart below. Bitcoin accounts for 56% of a $537 Billion Dollar market. This list changes frequently, but these top 10 have made it here for a reason. These are the coins people are consistently talking about. If you’re looking to make an investment in the cryptocurrency market, these are the coins you want to research first. If you’re just getting started, check out our intro to Bitcoin article. Cryptocurrency Market

All stats are as of 12/15/2017.

1. Bitcoin – Market Cap: $298 Billion – Price: $17,825

2. Ethereum – Market Cap: $66 Billion – Price: $688

3. Ripple – Market Cap: $30 Billion – Price: $0.77

4. Bitcoin Cash – Market Cap: $30 Billion – Price: $1,767

5. Litecoin – Market Cap: $16.5 Billion – Price: $305

6. IOTA – Market Cap: $10.6 Billion – Price: $3.84

7. Dash – Market Cap: $7 Billion – Price: $900

8. Cardano – Market Cap: $5.5 Billion – Price: $0.21

9. NEM – Market Cap $5.2 Billion – Price: $0.58

10. Bitcoin Gold – Market Cap: $5 Billion – Price: $295

These top 10 coins have a combined market cap of $474 Billion, accounting for 88% of the total market.

There are nearly 1,350 more altcoins in the cryptocurrency market of varying usefulness and reliability. 15 have a market cap over $1 Billion. A good site for tracking the top crypto coins is

Getting Started with Bitcoin

by Jason Green on December 14, 2017 · 2 comments

Bitcoin Wallet CodeAfter having lots of conversations with my friends and coworkers about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I’ve decided to put together this overview. If you know almost nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, this is how you get started. It’s not that hard and you really don’t need to know what a blockchain is or how it works.

*I use and recommend every service listed below. These links are my affiliate or partner links which sometimes result in me getting a small bonus if you sign up through them. If you decide to sign up for any of these services, please use these links to help support my habit site.

1. How do I buy Bitcoin?
The easiest and most user friendly way to buy Bitcoin right now is by using Coinbase. You add a credit card and/or bank account and you can almost instantly start buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Coinbase Link:

2. What is Ethereum and Litecoin?
These are the other two “cryptocurrencies” or “altcoins” you can buy on Coinbase. Bitcoin is the most widely known cryptocurrency, but Ethereum and Litecoin are close runners up. There are literally thousands of other cryptocurrencies. As you learn more, you’ll want to get into trading these other coins and eventually look at ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering).

3. How do I trade altcoins / other cryptocurrencies?
To trade the other altcoins, you need to use an exchange. I currently use Bittrex. You transfer from your Coinbase account to your Bitcoin wallet and purchase other coins with that Bitcoin balance. Every coin is denominated in Bitcoin which gets a bit confusing. If you want to dabble in the other coins, this is the way to do it. I recommend to diversify your purchases.

4. How do I mine Bitcoin?
Currently, mining Bitcoin pretty much requires an Antminer S9 which costs $3,000 to $5,000 and is currently out of stock. An alternate way of mining is called cloud mining. I use a service called for mining Bitcoin. Starting with about $150, you can buy 1 Terahash (TH) of mining power. I’ll write a much longer post about this, but 1 TH will return about $2 to $2.50 of Bitcoin every day. At that rate, you’ll recoup your initial investment within 2-3 months and the rest is profit. At the end of a year, they say I should expect to make about $750. On a $150 investment, I’d call that a pretty good return.

Hashflare Link:

Anyone interested in going in on a physical miner, leave me a note.

Please add questions to the comments below. I’ll try to answer them all and will expand the more confusing topics into their own post.

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