Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Management

Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo! Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising (aka: PPC and CPC) is a great way to increase your website traffic if you’re having trouble getting to the top of the search engines. Our Pay Per Click Management Services take care of everything from keyword research, to ad copywriting, bid management, and negative keyword development.

  • We start by researching your existing website as well as the websites of your competitors for the most profitable keywords to target.
  • We then determine the best landing pages on your site for those ads and will even make suggestions for improving those landing pages for the traffic you’re about to receive.
  • We’ll write compelling ads so interested buyers click through to your site.
  • We determine the best price to bid on each keyword.
  • After your AdWords campaign is activated, we continue to monitor your keywords and ads. Poorly performing keywords will be dropped so we can focus on the money-making keywords.

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It’s important that we continue to manage your PPC campaigns because the competition is constantly changing and to remain competitive, your bids need to be managed closely.

For example, we had one client in Pittsburgh focusing on “online training” and “eLearning”. They had a great click-through rate, but none of the visitors were converting into sales. After researching the actual searches being performed, we found that Dunkin Donuts had launched a training campaign for their employees and many of them were searching online for “dunkin donuts eLearning”. Since “eLearning” was in their search, our client’s ads were appearing, even though the searcher clearly wasn’t looking for their services. With our help, the client was able to filter out the Dunkin Donuts searches and started to receive search visitors that were actually targeted to what they were trying to sell.

PPC management is an ongoing process if you wish to remain competitive in your PPC marketing. BusinessHut would love to become your PPC Management Company. Please use the form on the right to contact us, or feel free to use the call button to get in touch with us immediately. We look forward to speaking with you!