Day: August 27, 2010

  • Test Your Google Analytics IQ

    Google is now offering a Google Analytics course for web analytics! Plus, if you want to get your Google Analytics Individual Qualification you can pay $50 to take a test. If you score at least 75% on the test, you become qualified. They say that this is proof of your Google Analytics competency, but there’s […]

  • I Love Google But…

    I love Google! They provide incredible services to the online community for free! Plus, they’re giving away Gmail stickers now too! However, I agree with Brian Clark at CopyBlogger in that we shouldn’t use so much energy to game the system. We need to concentrate on excellent content that is useful to many people. Writing […]

  • Excel VLookup Function

    A wonderfully powerful and easy to use way of comparing data across Excel worksheets is the VLookup function. I’ve been helping a lot of people with this function lately, so I thought I’d get a quick tutorial out there. Let’s start with the syntax of the VLookup function: =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup) Here’s an example […]

  • Outlook Attachment Reminder Macro

    How many times have you written an email about “the attached file” only to forget to attach the file before hitting send? If you follow the instructions in this post, that’ll never happen again! We’re going to add a VBA macro to Microsoft Outlook that searches your email for the text “attach” when you click […]

  • Cuil Doesn’t Measure Up

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that they hype over the new search engine, Cuil, was far greater than what the site could actually deliver. I won’t repeat all of the reasons they won’t be the next Google killer. If you’re reading this, you’ve surely read about them all several times already. Instead, I did a semi-scientific […]

  • Google Analytics 101

    I just came across a simple yet useful post on the Google AdWords blog about Google Analytics. If you’ve installed Google Analytics and you don’t know what to do next, their post should help. Basically, just look at the major metrics and watch them over time. The main thing to keep in mind is that […]

  • Microsoft Gatineau – Google Analytics Killer?

    Is Microsoft Gatineau ready to strip Google Analytics of the web analytics throne? I’ve been using both Microsoft Gatineau and Google Analytics on one of my sites for about 3 months. I think that’s plenty of time for me to give a fair analysis of both packages. *Note that I am much more experienced with […]

  • How to Monetize Social Media Traffic

    You click “I like it!” in your StumbleUpon toolbar to promote your own work. Is it spam? Maybe, but let’s look past that for now. Let’s instead assume someone stumbled your site on their own. Buckle up, because you’re about to get 500 free visitors to your site. I’ve even seen some pages get over […]

  • Google Analytics Data Sharing

    Upon entering my Google Analytics account this evening, I was presented with a new request. Google Analytics Data Sharing: “In order to improve your experience with Google products, Google Analytics is updating its data sharing policy. You now have the ability to share your Analytics data with other Google services. This will improve integration, enable […]

  • Crystal Xcelsius – Excel is Busy

    Crystal Xcelsius – Excel is busy… If you’re a user of Business Objects Crystal Xcelsius and you’ve seen this message, you know my pain. “Excel Is Busy Please Close Excel” So I make sure Excel is closed. I even check the task manager to see if there are any hidden processes running. Good. Excel is […]