Install Windows PowerShell for SQL 2008 R2

I was recently installing SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008 R2 and the installation failed temporarily because Windows PowerShell wasn’t installed. There wasn’t a link, so I thought a quick search would get me the file on Microsoft’s website. I was wrong. I found plenty of documentation and getting started guides for Windows PowerShell, but no installation downloads.

It was frustrating, but I finally found the PowerShell installation file. I thought I’d share the link here to help everyone find this file a little faster. (And so I can find it easily in the future.)

If the links below don’t work, you should have enough detail here to refine and shorten your search.

Windows PowerShell 1.0 English Language Installation Packages for Windows Server 2003 and for Windows XP

Microsoft KB Article / Location of PowerShell Downloads:

After some additional searching, I found the homepage for Windows PowerShell. You should be able to find everything you need there.

You can also get Windows PowerShell 2.0 included with Windows Management Framework here:

21 thoughts on “Install Windows PowerShell for SQL 2008 R2

    • this is me Reply

      then during 2008 sql server R2 installation
      after the powershell
      I got stuck because it need 2005 sql server express tools – fuck it

  1. Strunzo Reply

    Powershell is an installable feature from 2008 OS … duh!!!

  2. Kaushal Reply

    huff, Finally i found PowerShell from different source… still Thanks a lot. You guys show me the real path to get it.

  3. Kunle Ade Reply

    Thanks very much for providing the link for the exact Windows Powershell download for SQL 2008 R2 that worked on my Windows XP. If I had found your link first, would have saved me hours of futile surfing!

    Cheers again 🙂

    • Jason Green Post authorReply

      Thank you! To help other people find this page more easily, you could share this link on your website, or on facebook/twitter/google+ etc… More links = more visibility.

      If you found this post helpful, providing a link is a great way to thank me and will help more people find it in the future.

  4. Richard Reply

    Thanks for sharing this – I was about to set off on the search for PowerShell installations on the Microsoft site, but I guess you’ve saved me some time!

  5. bassam Reply

    please i cant found this , when i goto page it said sorry cant found or ask me for validating code plz help me

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