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Below are two of the hosting companies both used and recommended by We’ve had our own sites as well as client sites hosted with both of these hosting companies for several years. Their offers and prices vary throughout the year, so take a look at each and depending on the timing, decide which one is best for you. We use these companies for what is considered “shared hosting”. This is sufficient for most websites, but if you need more power or customization for your hosting, please contact us to discuss the best solution.

*Don’t judge only by the prices below. The LunarPages price is only that low with a 5-year agreement. Both are great services, but I encourage you to review each to determine the best offer at the time.


Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

BlueHost Web Hosting $6.95

Steps to Hosting Your Website

  1. Register a Domain
  2. Sign up for a hosting account with one of the web hosts above
  3. Upon receiving your “critical account info” write down the provided “Nameservers”.
  4. Go to your domain registrar (GoDaddy,, etc…) and enter the nameservers provided.
  5. Upload files to your new hosting account, and you should see them online momentarily.

If you follow the instructions provided by your domain registrar and web host, you should have your website live within an hour. This also depends on a thing called propagation, which is just a fancy way of saying that it takes time for all of the servers of the world to realize you have a new website online. This rarely takes more than a few hours anymore.

If you have any questions about this process, or would like to have us provide some assistance, please contact me through the form on the right, or with the information here.






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