What is Windows PowerShell?

This should give a very high-level of what Windows PowerShell is for anyone who really just doesn’t know what PowerShell is all about.


Windows PowerShell is used by System Administrators who write in a task based scripting and command line language system. IT System Administrators use this scripting language to automate the administration of Windows Operating Systems, as well as other applications that are run on Windows. This system also allows IT Administrators to be able to use commands to manage all of the computers in a network from the command line.


PowerShell offers many features that will simplify a System Administrators job. One feature the program provides is by having a navigation system that is based on commands, which lets the Administrator browse through a computers’ registry database, as well as any other data storage areas. The way the program is designed is to use a common syntax and naming system, so data between computers can be shared easily.

Complex Tasks

When using this program for completing complex and tedious tasks, System Administrators are able to use a combination of simple command tools in the program in order to complete tasks, instead of issuing the commands out separately. This system houses over one hundred different commands to use; or the user may create their own commands, and then share them among other power users.

Data Accessibility

With Powershell, a System Administrator is able to access their computer file system. The shell system is also able to give the administrator access to other computers data storage areas and registries just as easily.

New Language

When using the Powershell system, the user of the system will realize that it does not use any other existing shell system languages. The reason why this system has its own language is because it needs to manage the .NET Framework objects. The shell system had to have an advanced system when dealing with the higher level programming systems, such as C#.

Using Commands

A System Administrator is able to use command line programs inside of the shell system. The system is also able to start a graphics interface which can run a program like Notepad at the shell prompt. When using the Powershell commands, a power user is able to use the select-string feature to change Windows Programs text.

Processing Objects

When a System Administrator is using Powershell, they are essentially using the framework for .NET objects. This new language system will enable an Administrator to be able to think in objects. A user can think of an object as a data entity that has different properties, which are similar to what characteristics are. When working with objects of the same type and properties, they will often have different values for each of the properties.

Windows Powershell is able to simplify the way a System Administrator runs commands. They will be able to access data storage areas from different computers as easily as they can open a file on their own computer. This system also simplifies the way to enter commands in programs by combining the tools in order to complete a task.





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