Month: December 2017

  • Cryptocurrency Historical Prices

    For anyone trying to analyze the prices of cryptocurrencies or altcoins, it’s been a struggle to find reliable price data. Until now… I recently noticed that yahoo finance now has cryptocurrencies listed with the rest of the stock prices. Just go to and you can quickly check the price of your favorite crypto. If […]

  • Cloud Mining with HashFlare

    Update / tldr: Cloud mining is generally not profitable or is just an outright scam. Proceed with caution. I recently started cloud mining with Hashflare to help diversify my crypto investments. I’m working on a post about diversification, but I think it’s important for anyone getting started with cryptocurrencies to spread their money out. With […]

  • Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization – Dec 15, 2017

    To give an idea of the current cryptocurrency market, take a look at the chart below. Bitcoin accounts for 56% of a $537 Billion Dollar market. This list changes frequently, but these top 10 have made it here for a reason. These are the coins people are consistently talking about. If you’re looking to make […]

  • Getting Started with Bitcoin

    After having lots of conversations with my friends and coworkers about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I’ve decided to put together this overview. If you know almost nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, this is how you get started. It’s not that hard and you really don’t need to know what a blockchain is or how it […]