• Google Analytics Data Sharing

    Upon entering my Google Analytics account this evening, I was presented with a new request. Google Analytics Data Sharing: “In order to improve your experience with Google products, Google Analytics is updating its data sharing policy. You now have the ability to share your Analytics data with other Google services. This will improve integration, enable […]

  • Crystal Xcelsius – Excel is Busy

    Crystal Xcelsius – Excel is busy… If you’re a user of Business Objects Crystal Xcelsius and you’ve seen this message, you know my pain. “Excel Is Busy Please Close Excel” So I make sure Excel is closed. I even check the task manager to see if there are any hidden processes running. Good. Excel is […]

  • Always Be Closing

    Why the Internet is no different from the real world when it comes to closing sales. I recently read a post at Johnathan Mendez’s Blog about the Top 10 Multivariate and A/B Testing Results of 2007. In the very last comments of his post, he mentions how your customers probably know a lot more about […]

  • Excel Macro Spreadsheet to HTML

    So I have a customer that needed a registration page for their E-University. This consisted of about 500 courses in various categories. I got the ~great idea to implement an AJAX Accordion to contain the categories. Within each accordion pane, I needed separate tables to house the various sub-categories. So how do I get a […]